2013 Autumn Day-Trip 一日秋游~

Autum Day Trip 

Bible Study @ Kwantlen is excited to invite you to attend:

2013 Autumn Day-Trip!
Time: 11:30 AM, Saturday, November 16
Meet up locationKPU Richmond Library
Activities: Capilano Regional Park, picnic lunch, hiking, hatchery, dinner, Bible truth forum
Fee$10 (Dinner)

Space is limited, please register below ASAP! Please also invite your friends!We’re looking forward to see you!

*If you have any questions, please send us an email: bsakwantlen@gmail.com

Bible Study @ Kwantlen热烈的邀请您与我们一同参加:

集合地点:KPU Richmond Library
活动内容:Capilano Regional Park, 野餐、爬山、看鲑鱼、晚餐、圣经座谈
活动经费:每人酌收晚餐费 $10



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