For the months of March and April, Bible Study @ Kwantlen will be sharing with you three very meaningful topics:

  1. Prayer: Did you know that prayer can be considered as the simplest, yet most profound subject? It is so profound that some still cannot pray well despite learning about it all their lives! However, prayer is so simple that the moment a person believes into the Lord, he can start praying and have his prayers answered! Join us during these three weeks to learn the way to pray.
  2. Reading the Bible: The Bible is a great book. It is a monumental work. However, to many believers and readers, it may seem impossible to understand. This does not have to be so! By spending time to properly read the Bible, the word of God can become your nourishment and supply!
  3. Meeting: Are you enjoying God’s full grace? God’s grace to man can be divided into two categories – personal and corporate. God gives us not only personal grace. This corporate grace can be found only in the assembling together, or the meetings. Only when we meet with others, we will receive this full grace!

We believe that these topics are very useful to our Christian life, and we hope that you will enjoy these subjects. We look forward to seeing you! God bless!

  • Time: Tuesdays 2:30-4:30 PM
  • Location: Room 1820
  • Special Topics: Prayer (Mar.1 – Mar.15), Reading the Bible (Mar.22 – Apr.5), Meeting (Apr.12 – Apr.26)
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Come join us for a time of conversation, learning, and getting to know God.

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