🥣🍮🍕It seems like the new semester welcome dinners have just passed, and along with the Mid-autumn Festival and Thanksgiving dinners, Fall is approaching us!

Perhaps you are still in back-to-school mode, or are not ready for school life yet, and have been thrust into the busy tempo of schoolwork. 📚

Don’t worry😤! It takes time to get into the rhythm of the new semester. What you need is to relax and join us👣…

…to spectate the strong salmon run 🐬, and to enjoy the bountiful harvest 🌾! It will revitalize your studies and calm your heart!

So when and where are we going this year?

  • Date: 🌟 October 20 (Saturday)
  • Location: 1. Krause Berry Farms, 2. Weaver Creek Spawning Channel

Things to do at Krause Berry Farms 🍇

  • Taste all kinds of jam and marmalade, fresh juice, honey, ice cream, waffles, cakes, pastries, desserts, and fruit wine at the in-house winery 🥞🍳🥐🍯🥤
  • Country market, gift shop, fresh produce, corn, peas, pumpkin, etc. 🌽🥦🍎🥕🥒
  • Tractor rides, trampoline, playground 🚜

Things to do at Weaver Creek Spawning Channel 🐟

  • Watch the salmon run!

⭐️ Weaver Creek Spawning Channel is a three kilometer long man-made channel for returning salmon to spawn safely. Watch up-close as salmon battle the currents and jostle for a piece of real estate along the stream bed.

Registration details

  • Saturday October 20 @ 10 am
  • Richmond KPU library

💲Registration:💰$20 incl. dinner and transportation 🚗

🔗 Rich activities:🍔 picnic lunch, 🤸🏿‍♂️ outdoor games, 🌳 farm exploration, 👀 spectate the salmon run 🍤 dinner, 🎤 hymn night!

⚠️Registration deadline⚠️: October 17

💻 Register here