【Register报名】2018 Winter Trip冬游

【Register报名】2018 Winter Trip冬游


December 15-16, 2018 (Sat-Sun) 12月15-16日(周六至周日)

Grouse Mountain松鸡山
ski and snowboard | snowshoeing | zip line | eye of the wind | light walk | sledding | skating
滑雪 | 走雪地 | 溜索 | 风之眼 | 光步行 | 滑雪橇 | 溜冰
North Vancouver北温
capilano university | singing hymns | bible sharing | lonsdale quay market
卡普兰诺大学 | 唱诗歌 | 圣经分享 | 兰斯黛码头市场

Registration package includes lodging and SKI/BOARD TICKETS!
Adult成人 (19+) $200.00
Youth青年 (13-18) $180.00
Child儿童 (5-12) $155.00

Lodging and event only
Adult成人 (17+) $180.00
Child儿童 (5-16) $155.00

Register and pay $100 deposit before Nov 30, 2018

[Register below!] 2018 Autumn Outing 🍂

[Register below!] 2018 Autumn Outing 🍂

🥣🍮🍕It seems like the new semester welcome dinners have just passed, and along with the Mid-autumn Festival and Thanksgiving dinners, Fall is approaching us!

Perhaps you are still in back-to-school mode, or are not ready for school life yet, and have been thrust into the busy tempo of schoolwork. 📚

Don’t worry😤! It takes time to get into the rhythm of the new semester. What you need is to relax and join us👣…

…to spectate the strong salmon run 🐬, and to enjoy the bountiful harvest 🌾! It will revitalize your studies and calm your heart!

So when and where are we going this year?

  • Date: 🌟 October 20 (Saturday)
  • Location: 1. Krause Berry Farms, 2. Weaver Creek Spawning Channel

Things to do at Krause Berry Farms 🍇

  • Taste all kinds of jam and marmalade, fresh juice, honey, ice cream, waffles, cakes, pastries, desserts, and fruit wine at the in-house winery 🥞🍳🥐🍯🥤
  • Country market, gift shop, fresh produce, corn, peas, pumpkin, etc. 🌽🥦🍎🥕🥒
  • Tractor rides, trampoline, playground 🚜

Things to do at Weaver Creek Spawning Channel 🐟

  • Watch the salmon run!

⭐️ Weaver Creek Spawning Channel is a three kilometer long man-made channel for returning salmon to spawn safely. Watch up-close as salmon battle the currents and jostle for a piece of real estate along the stream bed.

Registration details

  • Saturday October 20 @ 10 am
  • Richmond KPU library

💲Registration:💰$20 incl. dinner and transportation 🚗

🔗 Rich activities:🍔 picnic lunch, 🤸🏿‍♂️ outdoor games, 🌳 farm exploration, 👀 spectate the salmon run 🍤 dinner, 🎤 hymn night!

⚠️Registration deadline⚠️: October 17

💻 Register here

【Registration】2018 BS@K Welcome Dinner

【Registration】2018 BS@K Welcome Dinner


Please register as soon as possibleLimited ride space

We welcome all the existing or new students!
Come share your experience with us, get to know new friends, and enjoy the delicious dinner!

Date: August to September, every Friday
Time: 6:30-9:00 PM
Gathering Location: Richmond Kwantlen Campus library entrance
Gathering Time: 6:00 PM
Welcome Dinner Location: Home of senior student

P.S.: We could also discuss the common topics related to the existing or new students:   For example, course selection for new students, personal ID application, school program transfer for existing students, work and emigration related questions, and etc..

There are rides available. All participants would receive a small gift. Please complete the registration form below as soon as possible!

We hope to see you!

【报名】 2018年BS@K迎新晚餐

【报名】 2018年BS@K迎新晚餐




时间:6:30-9:00 PM
集合地点:Richmond Kwantlen Campus 图书馆门口
集合时间:6:00 PM




【报名】2018 春季一日游

【报名】2018 春季一日游


地点:1. Deer Lake Park 💫

            2. Burnaby Village Museum ✨

💲费用不贵:💰$20/包含晚餐+Museum Adventure Guide










【报名】2017 秋季一日游

【报名】2017 秋季一日游


随着九月份🎒的到来,紧凑的上课时间表,不知道🤔你会不会有一点不适应啊🤓! 何不随着秋天🎑的脚步靠近🚶,同我们一块🙋‍♂️出去欣赏👀秋天的景致呀😏!


地点:1. Capilano River Hatchery 💫

            2. Cleveland Dam ✨